Presenting "Folk Tour" travel agency in Petrozavodsk, the capital city of the Pepublic of Karelia, Russia.

About Folk Tour
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-The Martsialnye Vody museum-preserve; situated 55 km from Petrozavodsk; the exhibition of the museums is concerned with the principal events of Russian history during the first quarter of the 18th century; the foundation of the first Russian resort by Peter the Great; one can taste chalybeate mineral water; the church of Apostle Peter, built in 1721, is a relic of Petrine epoch;
-Kivach waterfall, located on the territory of Karelian reserve Kivach, near the town of Kondopoga, 55 km from Petrozavodsk;
-Tours to the shores of Onego Lake and the coast of White Sea, to see petroglyphs, cliff pictures, left by pre-historic men;
-Hunting and fishing treks in Karelian National Parks; our local catch is pike, freshwater salmon, trout and pike-perch; for hunting enthusiasts-fowling treks and hunting safaris for elk, bear, wolf, hare and wild boar.
-Canoe, yachting; cross-country skiing, auto-rallies.

We provide various services in addition to operating tour:
-Programs for recreation and entertainment;
-Visits to churches of different religions;
-Meeting informally with people from varying backgrounds;
-hotel accommodation or a home stay with a Russian family;
-Facilities for congress, meeting, exhibitions, trade-shows, concerts etc;
-tailor-made tours for commercial and leisure travelers;
-Interpreter and translation services.
"Folk Tour" works closely with travel agencies in Moscow and S. Petersburg. One can easily get to Petrozavodsk from Moscow or S. Petersburg by overnight train; from Helsinki-by regular Finnish airline "Finnair". Make the best choice for your Russian vacation!